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Everything You Need to Know About Non Slip Yoga Mats
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Everything You Need to Know About Non Slip Yoga Mats

As a great selling point, anti-slip properties are highly praised by major merchants. In the eyes of merchants, there is absolutely no problem with their own products' anti-slip properties. In fact, many situations are exaggerated and publicized by businesses ("Generally, businesses will say that the slip resistance is ×× times that of ordinary mats". How are the statistics?), the slip resistance of yoga mats has many factors such as: the ground, the skin of the practitioner, Cushion surface texture, yoga mat material, air humidity, temperature and many other conditions.


Anti Slip Performance of Different Materials of Yoga Mat

The most important indicator of a yoga mat is slip resistance, which is also an important factor in comfort. Different surfaces of different materials have different anti-slip effects. The anti-slip performance of different yoga mats with different surface textures is also different, but the fundamental factor that determines the anti-slip properties of yoga mats is the material.

Usually: Linen>Rubber≥TPE>PVC>NBR


How to Judge the Anti Slip Performance of a Yoga Mat

The surface of a good yoga mat has very complex raised patterns, which can play a role in anti-slip. If you can try it, you can do the "down dog pose", the most common posture of yoga. If you can maintain 4 to 5 breaths without sliding your hands and feet back and forth, it means that the mat has very good slip resistance. Below we will use the down dog pose to make an evaluation of yoga mats of different materials:

The Test of Downward Dog Pose on the Anti-slip of Yoga Mat

NBR: Because the thickness is more than 10mm, it is easy to step on the impression.

PVC: The anti-slip effect is better when dry, the anti-slip effect is reduced if there is sweat

TPE: Anti-slip properties can fully satisfy general yoga use

Linen: Excellent anti-slip performance, no problem at all in the down-dog style.

Rubber: non-slip properties can fully meet the general yoga use


Other Factors Affecting the Anti Slip Performance of Yoga Mats

When practicing yoga, slip resistance is very important and yoga mats play a vital role. But there are many other factors that affect slip resistance and yoga equipment.

Why does yoga slip when practicing yoga: ①Poor anti-slip performance of yoga mat ②Sweat and slippery with sweat ③Substandard yoga practice ④Lack of necessary anti-skid equipment

It can be seen that there are many factors that cause yoga movements to slip, and yoga mats are only one of the more important factors. To avoid slipping in yoga movements, we can also use some other yoga anti-skid equipment. These warm yoga equipment will not only make your yoga experience twice the result with half the effort, but also have many other unexpected surprises!



For beginners, it is particularly important to choose a good non-slip yoga mat. It will protect your health, give you a good exercise experience, and keep your good feelings about exercise. Yoga mats are a necessity. In modern people’s lives Essential things.

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